Sustainable and powerful - that's devolo Magic

More stability, greater range, and a speed of 2400 Mbps ensure fantastic multi-media experiences and limitless, uncompromising internet enjoyment. Streamer, gamers, and fans of magical online experiences have the opportunity to discover the home networking of tomorrow - today.

The work market leader's new product line shows itself to be sustainable and visionary. For virtual reality adventures, a digital cloud office, or online gaming, devolo Magic gives you the foundation for the digital home of the future - today. Innovative technologies ensure strong performance, security, and the trusted devolo convenience. Devolo's Magic adapter are revolutionising the proven Powerline technology and the entire network market, allowing you to experience tomorrow right now.


Ultra HD and 8K

The first 8K televisions and already available. Their resolution is a whopping four times that of Ultra HD. Be there to experience the first television programmes and sports events tp be streamed in 8K. Devolo Magic ensures that there is enough bandwidth at your disposal.

Virtual reality

Use devolo Magic to immerse yourself in fantastic virtual worlds. For adventures with 360-degree action or live transmission of festivals, a stable internet connection and virtual reality put you in the middle of the action, where you experience first-hand what you would otherwise only dream of.


Online Gaming

Undisturbed gaming enjoyment without irritating lags: devolo Magic's SPS speed of 2400 Mbps makes you ready for the games of the future. games from the cloud, provided by the market leader's innovative technology, finally provide the fun you're been hoping for.