PlayStation®5 Pre-order coming soon

New playstation 5

Play Has No Limits™

The PlayStation®5 is almost here. An ultra-high speed SSD for lightning fast loading times, adaptive triggers, 3D audio and haptic feedback let you see, hear and feel every second of gameplay. Experience it all with a whole new generation of PlayStation® games.

Lightning speed

Load, play and react faster – thanks to the PS5’s custom CPU, GPU and SSD with Integrated I/O. You’ve never seen a console like it.

Stunning games

A whole new, incredible line-up of PS5 games is coming your way. With unbelievable graphics and new features, they’re not to be missed.

Breathtaking immersion

A whole new way to play is at your fingertips with new PS5 controllers and 3D Audio tech. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback make you feel like you’re right there in the action.

Get ready for the PS5 release date

A PS5 pre order will increase your chances of being first in line to experience it all. Get your hands on a Sony PS5 by registering your interest now.